Dear Participant,

Thank you for taking part in this study to help improve actions taken in response to COVID -19 pandemic and to inform the response to similar future outbreaks. This study will involve answering a 30-minute survey which will be asking you questions relating to the coronavirus. Please do not start until you will have enough time to complete it in one go. This study is conducted by a member of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) Global Health Program. By taking part, you are agreeing that you have read and understood the information about the study below. Please ensure you have read and understood this information before continuing. There are about 60 questions in this survey.

What is this project about, and do I have to take part?

This study aims to inform governmental outbreak response measures to COVID-19, including policies, intervention and communications. Participation is open to people at the age of 18 or over, living in countries and regions of APRU and is entirely voluntary.

What are the benefits and risks of taking part?

By completing the survey, you will be eligible to enter a luck draw which consists of 6 prizes for 6 awardees, each valued at US$50 regardless of which country you are from. There are no foreseeable risks for you when taking part in the survey other than time spent on the survey and potential discomfort. Should you feel uncomfortable and want to leave the study you are free to do so without any consequences.

What will you ask and what will happen to the information I give you?

You will be asked questions about yourself, your knowledge of the coronavirus, the actions you have taken to protect yourself from the virus, your trust in various stakeholders, your opinions of COVID-19 policies in your countries and regions, and your own fears and worries relating to the coronavirus pandemic. However, you will not be asked to provide any personally identifiable information. Your anonymous data will be collected and analysed by the research team. Your data will be shared with the research team, but your data will be completely anonymous, and it will not be possible to identify you individually from your answers. This study has received approval from the WHO Research Ethics Review Committee and Survey and Behavioural Research Ethics Committee (SBREC) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

For how long will my data be stored?

In order to help inform future pandemic and epidemic preparedness, the data you have provided will be helpful even beyond the current coronavirus pandemic. Your anonymous data will therefore be stored securely for up to 10 years after the end of the research for this study. At this point the data will be reviewed, and if they are still deemed to be of public interest, they may be retained for longer. If not, your data will be permanently deleted.

Local Data Protection Privacy Notice and concerns

Notice: The controller for this project will be the APRU Global Health Program team members. The data will be collected by them. All the information of the study participants will be kept strictly confidential, which could only be accessed by the researchers. They will be password protected and stored in a locked cabinet. All the data will be presented as aggregate parameters only. Email address will be required only if participants are interested in entering the random lucky draw for a US$50 gift card. And the email addresses will be totally separated from questionnaires to protect confidentiality.  The information that is required to be provided to participants under data protection legislation. The survey is in the public interest and is necessary for research and public health purposes.
If you are concerned about this study, or how your data is being processed, or if you would like to contact us about your rights, please get in touch with Professor WONG, Chi Sang Martin of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the first instance at via any languages (English preferred)


I understand that:

●        My participation is completely voluntary.

●        All my answers will be used for scientific research to improve actions taken in response to the coronavirus pandemic and to inform the response to similar future outbreaks.

●        My data will be stored securely, however, no personal data will be stored, and my answer will be completely anonymous.

●        My anonymized data gathered in this study will be shared with relevant researchers and institutions.

●        Because I am submitting anonymous data, it will not be possible to withdraw my answers after they have been submitted.

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