Thank you for attending the 2013 FCCLA National Leadership Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Your feedback is important and helpful in planning a successful conference next year in San Antonio, Texas.

* 1. Which of the following best describes you?

* 2. Do you hold a Leadership Position in FCCLA? If so, what is your title?

* 3. Is this your first time attending a FCCLA National Leadership Conference?

* 4. Please rate the overall quality of the Leadership Academy experience

* 5. Please rate the General Sessions.

  Excellent Very Good Good Needs Improvement Did Not Attend
Opening General Session
Keynote Address: Doc Hendley
Business & Recognition Session
Closing General Session & Installation
STAR Recognition Session

* 6. Please rate the overall quality of the Youth Sessions.

  Excellent Very Good Good Needs Improvement Did Not Attend
Jill Esplin
Mike Smith

* 7. What topics would you like to see addressed at future Youth Sessions?

* 8. Please rate the overall quality of the Youth Workshops.

  Excellent Very Good Good Needs Improvement Did Not Attend
Discover Your Voice with Social Media
Discover Your Leadership Style & Discover Your Voice
Discover Your Voice and Belt Out Your Song
Beyond the Red: Stay Involved and Give Back
It Can Wait - How to Reach Out to Your School About Texting While Driving
March to Your Own Beat with Community Service
My Life with an Eating Disorder
Reach out to your Peers with National Programs!
The Japanese Exchange Scholarship
True Life: College Edition
Unsettled Journey
Virtually Discovered: Learn how to complete the Virtual Poster Online STAR Event
You are You: Embrace Who YOU Are!

* 9. Please rate the overall quality of the Youth & Adviser Workshops

  Excellent Very Good Good Needs Improvement Did Not Attend
Autism Speaks & FCCLA Partner to Raise Awareness, Hope & Compassion for the Autism Community
Building Teen Leadership to Prevent Digital Dating Abuse: Join the That’s Not Cool Ambassador Team
Business Trends & Brand Presence
Exploring Modernist Cuisine
Farm To Table Cuisine in a Mass Production World
Give the People What They Want - 5 Keys to Recruit, Retain, and Motivate Members
Hunger Hits Home and What You Can do to Help
Interior Design as a Profession
Leadership Academy Fast Facts
Stop Kissing Frogs and Write Your Own "Happily Ever After"
Use Your Voice to Make Some NOYS for Traffic Safety
You hold the wheel, we'll hold the phone… Together we can eliminate distracted driving
Does Your Voice Carry?
Exploring Taste - How Does it Actually Work?
I’m in the “POSSE” with Ryan "Superman" Moran
Interior Design – A Client-Based STAR Event
Raise Your Voice for Healthy Babies & Families
Stay in the Picture
The Voice
Yo-Yo’s, Super Balls, and Bungee Jumping: What Every Student Leader Needs to Learn to Succeed

* 10. What topics would you like to see addressed in future Youth Workshops?

* 11. Please rate the Run4Red 5k Fun Run:

* 12. Did you attend the FACS Knowledge Bowl, Level 3?

* 13. Please rate the Exhibit Hall:

  Excellent Very Good Good Poor Did Not Attend
Exhibitor Workshops
Spotlight on Projects
Culinary Demonstrations
Variety of Exhibitors

* 14. Please rate the FCCLA Special Event at Nashville Shores.

* 15. Please rate the FCCLA Gala.

* 16. Did you attend a pre-conference tour sponsored by National FCCLA?

* 17. If no, why?

* 18. Please rate the Career Explorations.

  Excellent Very Good Good Needs Improvement N/A
“Gaylord - Event Management" (Tuesday, July 9)
“Rainforest Cafe" (Tuesday, July 9)
"Aquarium Restaurant" (Tuesday, July 9)
“Gaylord - Culinary" (Wednesday, July 10)
"Gaylord - Front Services" (Wednesday, July 10)

* 19. Did you participate in a Competitive Event?

* 20. Did you volunteer to help with STAR Events (Evaluator or Room Consultant)?

* 21. Did you download the FCCLA app?

* 22. If you did not download the FCCLA app, what prevented you from doing so?

* 23. Did you find the FCCLA app useful?

* 24. The thing I liked most about the 2013 National Leadership Conference was...

* 26. Please provide additional comments about the 2013 FCCLA National Leadership Conference.

* 27. Do you plan to attend Capitol Leadership?

* 28. Which 2013 National Cluster Meeting do you plan to attend this November?

* 29. Please provide your name and contact information to be entered for your chance to win.  The Grand Prize Winner will receive one (1) 2014 National Leadership Conference Weekly Registration.  Four (4) additional winners will receive an FCCLA Prize Pack.  Prize winners will be posted on the FCCLA website on September 8, 2013.