* 1. Do textbooks play an important role in medical education about Endocrinology?

* 2. Do journals take the place of textbooks?

* 3. How do printed texts compare to online texts?

* 4. Please compare ENDOTEXT to UP To DATE in relation to educational content

* 5. Are other web sources on ENDOCRINOLOGY more useful than ENDOTEXT?

* 6. How does ENDOTEXT compare to hardcover texts in relation to timeliness, reliability and coverage?

* 7. Please comment on several comparisons between printed and online texts-

* 8. Please comment on the role of, and need for, textbooks in comtemporary education on Clinical Endocrinology , for trainees and practitioners.

* 9. Please note your role in Medical care.  And, thank you very much for taking the time for this survey. Your opinions on the role of on-line web-textbooks in contemporary continuing education in Endocrinology are very important to us. Leslie J De Groot, MD for the  ENDOTEXT organization.