Thank you for participating in our PERT Geo-Political Risk Management Survey benchmarking survey. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete and contains 20 statements about Geo-Political Risk Management. 

The topic for our next PERT meeting is: “Black Swan” Risk Management – Mitigating sudden changes in trade, immigration and foreign policy.  Is your organization prepared to identify and most importantly deal with the risk associated with sudden changes in government polices?  Does your group have the capabilities and credibility to play a lead role in managing risk across your enterprise? Please take this very important survey.  After all data collection and analysis is complete we will publish the aggregate results to all participants.

For purposes of the survey, please consider “Suppliers” to be both Tier 1 suppliers (Direct) and Tier 2 suppliers (your suppliers’ suppliers). In addition, when we refer to “risk” we are referring to Geo-Political risk associated with potential changes in trade, immigration and foreign policy.

If you think this survey only applies to those who buy materials, think again. Current changes to the H1-B visa rules and other potential changes will have a significant impact on availability of critical resources in IT, engineering etc. whether you have those resources on your payroll or the payroll of your Tier 1 or Tier 2 suppliers.