Working on the PENN ROAR Newsletter!

The NARO Pennsylvania Board of Directors would like to reenergize the PENN ROAR Newsletter. We would like your input!

* 1. What topics would you like the PENN ROAR to address?  

* 2. How often would you prefer to have the PENN ROAR come out?

* 3. We need advertiser support to be able to reach members without an email address on file.  Do you have any suggestions for companies in your area that we could approach with our ad rates?  Please include the company name, phone number or email address, and any employee names you might know.

* 4. The more frequent the newsletter, the more content we need.  Are you interested in helping provide content?  Do you know someone who might be interested in helping us provide quality content on various oil and gas topics?  If yes, please provide a name and contact information

* 5. If advertising doesn't pay for the mailing of this newsletter to members without email addresses, would you be willing to "subscribe" to the newsletter to help cover the production costs?

* 6. Would you be willing to be part of a group of PA Mineral Owners that submit article ideas/questions to the PENN ROAR editor that we could use as content?

* 7. Where do you get the majority of your Mineral Owner education? (check as many as apply to you)

* 8. My #1 source for Mineral Owner education is:

* 9. Please share any ideas you might have to help make the PENN ROAR a useful educational and information tool for you. (Think about other organization communications that you enjoy- what makes them something you look forward to reading? )