This is the PEN 2017 Member Survey "A" - it is designed for families whose children have not yet started school - that is, your oldest child will not be entering kindergarten until August 2017 OR LATER. Families whose child(ren) will be entering a PUSD school FOR THE FIRST TIME this Fall (any grade) may also take this survey.

If you have a child who is already attending a PUSD school, please go back and take the "B" survey. THANKS!

(Note: an asterisk * by a question indicates that a response is required to go on.)

* 1. How did you first connect with PEN?

* 2. Why did you join PEN? [check all that apply]

* 3. BEFORE interacting with PEN, had you...[check all that apply]:

* 4. SINCE interacting with PEN, have you...[check all that apply]:

* 5. Select the choice that best describes your ELDEST child, or the child whose school options you most recently explored using PEN services: