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Thank you for providing feedback about NYRR's new curriculum for teaching running in P.E. class. We greatly appreciate your input as we work on refining the lessons and the ancillary resources for elementary school P.E. teachers. From now through April 30, 2013 we invite you to test the lessons with students in K-6 and send us your feedback.

And we'd like to thank you too! When you complete an evaluation for each activity you try you'll be entered in a random drawing for $100 DonorsChoose gift cards. We're giving out ten cards at the beginning of March, April, and May. Try as many lessons as you like to increase your chances!

* 1. Select the lesson plan you tested for which you are providing feedback.

* 2. Which grade level(s) did you use the lesson with? (Select all that apply.)

* 3. How did you use the lesson?