What's the purpose of this survey?

The newly formed Peer-Run Organization Learning Collaborative is launching a webinar series to assist leaders of peer-run organizations, emerging leaders, board members, staff, and advocates to gain essential skills to develop, strengthen, and sustain their organizations.

Every couple of months, the Peer-Run Organization Learning Collaborative will host a national webinar on topics related to operating a healthy mental health consumer organization, with subjects ranging from the nuts and bolts of organizing, like budgeting, board development, fundraising, and strategic planning, to other important issues, such as conflict resolution, inclusion, and relationship building. We will explore each topic through the lens of what it is to be a peer-run organization, with a focus on building authentic, recovery-centered organizations that can truly represent the peer voice while also following sound nonprofit business practices.

The Peer-Run Organization Learning Collaborative is not a new organization; it is a joint effort of the five National Consumer/Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Centers: the CAFÉ TA Center, Doors to Wellbeing, the NAMI STAR Center, the National Empowerment Center, and Peerlink. Throughout the series, each center will take turns offering webinars geared toward their particular expertise.

As a group, the members of the collaborative want to make sure that the information covered in this webinar series matches the real-world needs of peer-run organizations in communities across the country. To help make sure that happens, we have created a brief survey to learn about the needs and priorities of peer-run organizations.

Thanks very much for taking a few moments to share your valuable feedback with us!