Public Education and Enrichment Fund


In 2004 San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approved the Public Education and Enrichment Fund. The measure, known as PEEF, established a set-aside in the city’s general fund designed to support programs for kids that historically have been vulnerable to budget reduction or elimination in difficult economic times. PEEF supports early childhood education, and supports the schools through art and music education, sports, libraries, health and wellness services and many other programs for thousands of San Francisco youth.

The PEEF currently consists of three components – Preschool for All through the First 5 Commission; Sports, Libraries, Art and Music (SLAM) for SF Unified School District; and the "Third Third", which is discretionary money for the SF Unified School District.

At the end of fiscal year 2014-15, PEEF will sunset and will require reauthorization by San Francisco voters in order to preserve these crucial programs.

The Children's Funding Community Coalition has been meeting since summer 2012, and has engaged over 100 community groups in discussions about how to strengthen the Children's Amendment and PEEF, two incredible resources for the city's children, youth and families. In order to finalize our recommendations about how to improve PEEF, we'd like your input.

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* 2. The original PEEF measure, approved in 2004, will expire ("sunset") at the end of FY 2014-2015, unless extended by the voters.

Do you think that the city should eliminate the sunset date, so that it will not require re-approval by voters?

* 3. Currently, the PEEF legislation states that when the preceding year’s city budget included shortfall of at least $100 million, the Mayor and Board of Supervisors can elect to “pull the trigger” – reducing the city’s contribution to PEEF by 25%. Since FY 2008-09, the City and County of San Francisco has borrowed $74 million from funds that were originally intended for the school district through PEEF.

Should the "trigger" be eliminated, so that the entire amount is allocated each year?

* 4. Do you think the city should repay the funds withheld from the trigger being pulled?

* 5. Do you have anything else you would like to share about the sunset date or the trigger?