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The purpose of this study is to establish a baseline understanding of researchers’ current knowledge, attitudes and practices related to engaging the public and/or patients in health research, along with desired needs for support. Results will be used to help to inform the development of future strategies to support researchers with the involvement of the public and/or patients in health research. The term “patient” is an overarching term, inclusive of individuals with personal experience of a health issue and informal caregivers, including family and friends (CIHR, 2014). For the purposes of this survey, we will refer to the involvement of the public and/or patients in the research process as “engaging the public and/or patients in health research.”

This study is being conducted by the Knowledge Translation Platform at the George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation, University of Manitoba and Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. As a researcher, we value your contributions and ask you to participate in a short survey (approximately 10-15 minutes) examining your knowledge, experience and needs related to engaging the public and patients in your research. Note that participation in this survey is completely voluntary and there are no potential risks in participating in the survey. Your answers to the survey will be coded resulting in the removal of any identifying information. IP addresses will not be used to link your identity to your responses.

The University of Manitoba Health Research Ethics Board has approved this research project. If you have any questions regarding your rights they can be answered by the ethics committee. The survey will be hosted by an online software tool called SurveyMonkey. The privacy policy for this company can be found at

The completion of the survey requires your free and informed consent. By submitting the survey it is implied that your free and informed consent is given, it also indicates that you understand the above conditions regarding the participation in the survey. Your responses are highly appreciated and will further grow the results of this study. If you receive the survey more than once, please only complete it one time.

If for any reason this survey is not accessible to you, please contact us for an alternative method. If you have any questions regarding the survey at any time, please contact Kathryn Sibley through email or by phone 204-594-5354.