Overview of the Wildfires Workshop Project

In 2015 and 2017, massive wildfires (Valley Fire, North Bay Fires) in the wildland‐urban interface produced unprecedented air pollution, water pollution and other environmental hazards. Tribes need to be able to protect their members, their environments and cultural‐resources from these threats. To do so, tribal governments and their agencies must effectively participate in multi‐jurisdictional responses to these hazards.

Pursuant to a grant from CalEPA, the National Indian Justice Center (NIJC) is developing a workshop that will provide information on how to reduce the impacts of toxic pollutants resulting from wildfires on tribal communities. The workshop will be designed for tribal leadership, tribal environmental personnel, tribal EMS personnel, tribal community members, local partners and other stakeholders. The project will serve federally recognized tribes in Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties and provide an online educational resource.

The Wildfires Workshops will include table top exercises that engage tribal and non-tribal personnel in collaborate strategic responses to hypothetical scenarios.

We need your help. Please respond to the following questions and help prioritize the topics that will be presented during the Wildfire Workshops and table top exercises.
Part 1: Impact of the Wildfires on Your Tribal Community

Question Title

* 1. Please tell us which wildfire impacts affected you and your community the most:

  No effect Minimal effect Somewhat effected Moderate effect Strong effect
Pollutants in streams, lakes, or rivers
Pollutants in soil
Pollutants in the air
Removal of hazardous waste
Increased health issues (ear, nose, throat, or respiratory issues)
Mental health responses (managing anxiety, addressing trauma)
Part 2: Workshop Format and Delivery

We anticipate that the workshops will be done in-person, classroom style over the course of one (1) day. Collaborative partners and stakeholders will be invited.

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* 2. Please rate the following delivery formats

  I would NOT use this format I would use this format I prefer this format
1/2 day workshop with collaborative partners
Full day workshop with collaborative partners
Online self-paced course (on your own)

Question Title

* 3. Would you like to set aside time for networking among the collaborative partners in your region?

Question Title

* 4. Which county would you most likely attend a workshop in?

Part 3: Table Top Exercises and Scenarios

As part of this agenda, we will develop table top exercises or scenarios for discussion among the collaborative partners.

Question Title

* 5. Please tell us to what degree you would be interested in seeing the following scenarios at the workshop:

  Disinterested Somewhat Interested Interested Very Interested
Documenting historic tribal places or sacred sites impacted by wildfires
Evacuation of elders from tribal communities
Coordination of command posts for emergency services response
Emergency mitigation planning
Emergency preparedness
Part 4: Contact Information

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* 6. Please provide us with your contact information

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