1. Feedback on the EvaluateIT resource kit

We greatly value all feedback provided about the EvaluateIT resource kit. Your feedback will help us to improve this kit in ways that better meet your needs. Please provide as much feedback as you would like to. This form should only take a few minutes to complete. Your comments will remain confidential and will only be used by the QUT research team.

* 1. Did you use the EvaluateIT resource kit to plan and / or conduct a review or an evaluation of an IT project?

* 2. Which parts of the kit were most useful in your evaluation? (Please select all relevant parts of the kit.)

* 3. What worked and what did not work so well in using this resource kit?

* 4. How can we improve this resource kit?

* 5. Would you use this resource kit again in the future?

* 6. Please add any further comments about this resource kit: