Secure Pork Supply Survey

KDA Survey to Advance Secure Pork Supply Planning


Secure Food Supply planning is a national effort to provide guidance to livestock producers for preparation for a foreign animal disease outbreak.  The Secure Pork Supply Plan (SPS) encourages swine producers to voluntarily prepare for an outbreak, such as Foot and Mouth Disease, to better position themselves to limit exposure of their animals through enhanced biosecurity and, surveillance, to be able to move animals with no evidence of disease thereby maintaining animal production and commerce during an outbreak.  As part of SPS plans producers and their veterinarians develop premises-specific written biosecurity plans for use in an outbreak.

In an effort to develop and provide outreach guidance for Kentucky specific SPS plan, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture seeks your participation in an online survey of current swine farm/ranch management and biosecurity practices.  The survey is anonymous.  We encourage your input.

The survey is available at  and will be available for your participation until June 30th.

Additional information on the SPS, see .

We look forward to your participation.