Nomination Form

Thank you for taking the time to nominate your candidate for Modern School Supplies Teacher-of-the-Month Program. We created the program to recognize and celebrate the dedicated teachers that go above and beyond to educate the future leaders of the world. Once a month we will choose a teacher who has best demonstrated the qualities needed to develop the minds of today’s students.

The chosen Teacher-of-the-Month will receive:

    • $50 credit to be redeemed on Modern School Supplies website

    • Recognition on Modern School Supplies website

    • A write-up in Modern School Supplies monthly newsletter

Thank you again for nominating your exemplary candidate and a huge thank you to all of the devoted teachers out there. You make the world a better place.

* 1. Nominee Information

* 2. Nominator Information

* 3. Explain how the Nominee provides a stimulating learning enviroment.

* 4. How does this individual demonstrate a caring consistent attitude toward all students?

* 5. How does this individual demonstrate a passion for learning and teaching?

* 6. Share examples of this individual using creativity in the classroom.

* 7. Explain the way your Nominee uses innovation in the classroom.

* 8. What sets your Nominee apart from other educators?

* 9. If the educator you are nominating does not receive the award for this month, would you like us to submit this nomination for the following months during the current school year?