Invitation to register for player development workshops

Croquet Victoria is running a player development project for Golf Croquet and Association Croquet players interested in improving their skills in competition.

Places are now available for the second round of Golf Croquet workshops, starting in May. The lead coaches for these workshops are John van der Touw (Warrnambool) and Maurice Cevaal-Hewitt (Mildura).
Each round of workshops involves three two-day workshops, held about three months apart, with a target of 15 participants. Participants will be expected to attend all three workshops in their round, and undertake some practice and enter at least one competition between workshops. The aim is for everyone participating to improve their confidence and their competitive play.

The cost to participants is $20 upfront, plus any green fees charged by the host club. The $20 includes all three workshops plus a workbook to keep track of your progress.
The first round of workshops started in November 2021. A third round, to start in December, will include workshops for both Association and Golf Croquet. Lead coaches for the Association Croquet workshops are Stephen Forster and Kevin Beard.

Please complete this form if you would like to register for one of these workshops. We will let you know when there is a workshop near you.
Detail of the project is available on the Croquet Victoria website - see