Please read and respond to each statement below.

Violation of these practices may result in a volunteer not being allowed to participate in this program.

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* 1. All volunteers, on campus and off, need a volunteer sticker or badge from the front office that identifies them as someone with permission to be in our school or with our students on field trips.

Dress Code - Because we are a school, we want to set a professional example for our students. All volunteers are asked to dress modestly, according to our school dress code. No short-shorts, short dresses, or short tops, etc.

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* 2. Siblings may not attend field trips. This includes babies. The field trip is for the students in that particular grade and the focus of the trip is for them. Siblings will get to experience the trip when they study the topic at hand OR you might want to follow up the experience with a family trip later.

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* 3. Students who use a car seat or booster seat must bring their seat to school so the car they are traveling in has it available. The Alabama Department of Public Safety requires 5-6 year old children to be in booster seats. However, guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say many children under age 12 are too small to be safely secured with adult seat belts. Booster seats elevate the child so the vehicle's safety belt fits the child snugly at the shoulder and pelvis instead of around the neck and abdomen, which is inappropriate and dangerous. If taking the bus on field trips, then booster seats are not needed.

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* 4. For student safety:

 - When driving on field trips it is imperative that you do not talk on your cell phone. If your phone rings and you are expecting an important call, please hand it to a child (or adult if available) and ask them to answer it for you.

 - Parents driving students are expected to go directly to and from the destination. If a student needs you to make an emergency stop due to illness, call the teacher immediately and let him/her know.  Unexpected stops for treats, shopping, etc. are not allowed. Please be sure you have the teacher's cell phone number and school phone number (256-705-8300) stored in your cell phone.

 - There should be no snacking in cars due to the various allergies of our students.

 - Avoid encounters with strange animals, dangerous situations, etc. Please do not pick up stray animals.  Student safety is vital.

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* 5. Parents are invited on field trips to help monitor and keep up with students.  Once the field trip has begun:

 - No one may join the trip without teacher permission. 

 - At no time should you leave your assigned students unattended. Parents are to follow the field trip agenda and should not make shopping, food, etc. stops when students are not allowed to do the same.

 - No one may leave without teacher permission or notification. Parents must sign a note to leave a field trip with their child. 

 - Do not try to leave the school early with your child unless you check them out at the office. Students must be checked out if they are taken from school property before the students are lined up in the hall for dismissal.

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* 6. Regarding Confidentiality:  
Any misbehavior or discipline you observe either in the classroom or on a field trip should not be shared with others. The teacher of the class will decide if she needs to contact the office or parents

Regarding Behavior:
Students are expected to follow the teacher's guidelines on the field trip. For example, if the students are expected to "not touch" but to observe, do not make exceptions for your child or another's. Parents are expected to re-enforce the teacher's procedures.

Volunteers used by Westminster must not discipline a child without referencing the student to a teacher. Don't say anything to students that you would not say to the students in the presence of their teacher or their parents.  

Volunteers must not touch a child in an inappropriate way. If you have any concerns about what that could involve ask Mrs. Lyman. 

Do not put yourself in a position to be criticized or misunderstood.

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* 7. Emergency Plans - If volunteering in the school and the emergency plans have not been noted, be sure to ask what the plans are. There are plans for tornado, fire, and intruder. Red emergency folders are located in every classroom.

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* 8. If your are asked to drive on a field trip, we must have a copy of your driver's license and auto insurance card in the office at least 1 week prior to the field trip. On the day of each attending field trip you must re-present your driver's license to the office staff. This is for the safety and security of all our children. You may scan and email copies to Please check the expiration dates prior to emailing or copying your cards!

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* 9. Please complete the following information: