CWG Training Interest Survey

We'd like to bring back fieldcraft weekends, and generally offer low-cost training in the unpopular topics involved in actually moving around in the woods, not just shooting at people. 

Whether or not you agree, we'd like to hear what you think. Are you interested in any of these topics, or others? What would keep you from coming to a CWG event? If there's enough interest, we may have additional questions later on. 

Question Title

* 1. Which of these types of training would you be most likely to attend

  Would Never Attend Least Likely 2 3 4 Most Likely
Map reading and plotting on the map
Using a compass
Using a GPS
Camping and outdoors survival
Winter and cold weather survival
Night vision selection and use
Fighting with night vision
Tactical vehicle driving
Camouflage and concealment
Radio communications theory and procedures
Small unit tactics
Military orders writing

Question Title

* 2. How likely are you to attend a CWG event in 2017?

Question Title

* 3. What would most likely prevent you from attending a CWG training event?

  Not a problem 2 3 4 A big problem for me
Too far to travel
Cannot get time off work/school
Event fee
Do not have proper equipment
No one else to go with
Not comfortable overnight, in the woods, etc.
Do not like or have faith in instructors