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A number of us in the Parkdale and Roncesvalles area are looking to set up a Green Neighbours group for our Ward (Ward 14).

There are already a couple of well-established Green Neighbours groups in Toronto: Green 13 (Swansea, High Park area) and Green Neighbours 21 (Eglinton down to Davenport and Bathurst to Winona). There are several others starting up around the city, and an informal network exists to share ideas between the various GNs.

Our focus is on climate action and other green issues. Our goals are to raise awareness, support climate leadership, and promote local projects and solutions. Here's some ideas about what we can do:

1) Film nights
2) Guest speakers
3) Tables and speakers at community events and meetings

4) Participating in government consultations (eg. Transform TO)
5) Participating in the Toronto Climate Action Network and other networks

Engagement and Collaboration
6) A community challenge (eg. through Project Neutral)
7) A Climate Leaders campaign to connect people with local businesses offering climate or green solutions
8) Collaborating with other community groups
9) A community action plan to promote the top projects and campaigns by community groups
10) Fundraising and special events to support community projects

11) A community extreme weather plan to mobilize volunteer resources in case of an extended blackout, ice storm, heat wave of other event.
12) Community green projects, such as group purchase of solar or geothermal power, greenspace enhancement, or a shared-space innovation centre.

There's lots of possibilities, but we will start small and grow with the interest and volunteer energy of our group.

Sign up below, and indicate what level of interest you have and what you can offer.

With thanks,
Chris Winter

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