Welcome to the “PDF and the  User Experience Survey 2018” for people with disabilities. This survey is conducted by Karlen Communications.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information from people with disabilities who are using adaptive technology to access PDF documents on various devices, platforms and environments. Although there have been murmurings for several years about the accessibility of PDF documents, there has not been a concerted gathering of what is working for those of us using adaptive technology and the frustrations that we might encounter. If you have a disability but choose not to use adaptive technology, you can also take the survey so that your voice is heard. This is your chance!

The intent of the survey author is to gather feedback to support the advancement of accessible/PDF/UA conforming PDF by document designers, PDF reader/viewer developers and the developers of adaptive technology. 

Some of the questions in the survey require long answers.

The information regarding your name and e-mail is for research purposes only! You will not be contacted for marketing nor will this information be part of the published survey results. Each participant in the survey is given a random reference number.

Only completed surveys will be used for results.

If you are having problems with the survey, please contact

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Warning! The responses you enter on each page of the survey will not be saved unless you click the "Save and Continue" button and move to the next page before closing your Web browser. You may go back to a previous page in the survey to review or change your responses once you re-enter it.