The purpose of this survey is to get a better idea of how Village residents want to address changes that will need to be made given Entergy's closing.

* 1. If all services are maintained as is, taxes will have to be increased.  Would you favor starting to institute higher taxes incrementally in:

* 2. If the Village had to eliminate a department and contract those services through other means, please indicate your preference (1 being your top choice to eliminate and 4 being your least preferable department to eliminate).

* 3. How much of a Village tax increase would you be in favor of paying to maintain all current services?

* 4. What action would you currently favor regarding the Police Department? Part-time officers do not receive benefits but coverage would be the same as now (24/7)

* 5. Please add any other suggestions you may have to address the Entergy closure in the space below.  Please remember we can not tell Entergy what to do with their property.