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Living in Aberdeenshire with a physical disability

This survey has been developed by the Physical Disability Strategic Outcome Group (PDSOG).  This group includes disabled people, carers and people from Aberdeenshire Council, NHS Grampian (NHSG) and voluntary organisations in Aberdeenshire. This group leads the direction for planning, developing and delivering services for physically disabled people in Aberdeenshire. 

We are asking disabled people what it is like to live in Aberdeenshire.  

Your views will help inform future planning.  They will be shared with relevant agencies who can take action to improve your community.

You do not need to complete any section that you feel is not relevant to you.  The final section is important so that our planning can be targeted.

The statement given at the start of each section has been taken from the document ‘Fulfilling Potential - Building a deeper understanding of disability in the UK today’, published by Department of Work and Pensions in 2013.   These statements relate to what disabled people said are important to them.