The initial "Vendor Service Registration" period starts now and will close on May 21st. Any company interested in registering their service can do so here. There is a strong preference for services that have following characteristics:

- Open and well documented APIs
- Available architectural artifacts as outlined in the PM ISE Information Interoperability Presentation ( , Slide 16)
- Services with existing technical and operational support infrastructure
- Direct relevance to current Government mission requirements
- Services that embodying the 5 essential cloud computing characteristics as defined by NIST (On-demand self service, Broad network access, Resource pooling, Rapid elasticity, Measured service)

Following the second event, government representatives will have the opportunity to evaluate all candidate services for mission relevance and applicability. A technical team will also evaluate prospective services for interoperability using criteria outlines by Project Interoperability.

Questions may be sent to

Please join the discussion on the Agile Cloud Environment group on LinkedIn ( )

Please register any service you would like to offer in the Agile Cloud Environment. One service per entry. You may submit as many entry as you like.

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