Customer Service Survey

* 1. When making calls to our office, how long was your wait on hold before speaking with a customer service representative or desired extension?

* 2. How determined to help you were the customer service representatives at our office?

* 3. Would you say that our customer service representative solved your problem or answered your question quickly, slowly, or neither?

* 4. How knowledgeable did our customer service representative seem to you in regards to your inquiry? (in the office or over the phone)

* 5. How clear was the information provided to you by our customer service representative and or staff?

* 6. How many of your questions/problems/needs did the customer service representative at our office resolve?

* 7. As far as your experience with customer service at our office (compared to others), was your experience better than you expected it to be, worse than you expected it to be, or about what you expected it to be?

* 8. Overall, are you satisfied with the customer service you received, dissatisfied, or neither?

* 9. How likely is it that you would recommend our office to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely

* 10. Please feel free to share below any additional questions, comments, concerns, and or suggestions for improvement as we are always looking to make your experience with The Office of Veteran & Disability Support Services here at N.C. A&T as efficient and effective as possible. Thank you