Hello! This survey is a non-binding statement of interest that will allow us to plan out our rental offerings to best serve our community as we move in to a new 25,000 square foot facility at 10 Tyler St, Somerville MA.

Completing this survey will grant you first notice of our spaces being available for lease when the time comes to solicit for renters. Submitting this survey is not a guarantee of available space; if there is more demand than spaces available, rental units will be assigned as a result of an application and review process.

Please note that all prices indicated in this survey are preliminary and subject to change.

Renting space comes with the following benefits:
- 24-hour proximity card access to (at the very least) equipment for precision machining, sculptural metalworking, multiple types of welding, woodworking, electronics/robotics assembly, sewing, bicycle repair, and high-tech computerized manufacturing such as CNC mills, a lasercutter and a CNC plasma cutter
- Wireless internet access
- 30-day tenant-at-will lease (longer leases can be negotiated)
- Air conditioning and heating
- On-site, off-street parking lot
- First floor with leveled concrete flooring
- Access to a tractor-trailer loading dock and floor-level double doors
- Options for electrical service in the rental unit (either dedicated or shared with others)
- Dumpster outside for trash pickup

We plan on offering the following programs for renting space at Artisan's Asylum:
- All rental spaces require 24-hour access memberships, which cost either $125/month for general admission or $100/month for a limited number of subsidized memberships (i.e. for students, unemployed or low-income members, etc.).
- Rental workspace comes in 50 ($75/month), 100 ($125/month), and 250 square foot ($300/month) lots. Other sizes can be negotiated.
- Rental storage space (15 square feet, $30/month) is also available.

* 1. Name:

* 2. Email Address:

* 3. Phone Number:

* 4. Please briefly describe what you plan on doing in your rental space.

* 5. Select the most appropriate description of your initial use of the space:

* 6. Which of our planned craft areas are you most interested in using? Training will be available for proper use all of the following areas.

* 7. Which of the following potential new craft areas would make you significantly more interested in renting space with us?

* 8. Which of the following potential new abilities and programs would make you significantly more interested in renting space with us?

* 9. What size space are you interested in renting from us? (Please remember: All prices are preliminary, and subject to change. All rentals also require a 24-hour-access membership purchase in addition to the rental itself.)

* 10. Are you planning on sharing your workspace with others? If so, how many?

* 11. After completing this survey, what is the best description of your level of interest in renting space with us?

* 12. How long would you expect to rent space with us?

* 13. Any commentary or feedback would be appreciated!