1. Veggies Event Catering Survey

This questionnaire aims to gather feedback from Event Organisers, Customers and VeggiesVolunteers about what makes Veggies special.

We receive more requests for our services than we can cope with. Our next project as 'campaign caterers' is to share our 24 years of experience and our reputation as 'Best Vegan Caterer', to help the growing number of not-quite vegan caterers to ease our workload.

Once we know why event organisers and customers value our service, we can use that information to support and encourage other caterers to adopt similar policies, until there are alternatives to Veggies throughout the country, reducing our need to travel so far.

We have a vital message to promote - that the single most simple and effective step that an individual can take to counter climate change is to adopt a vegan diet - but in the coming era of Peak Oil and Climate Chaos we are starting question how far we should travel to promote that message.

* 1. Please indicate which ONE of these best describes you in the context of this survey.

* 2. I support / request Veggies catering services because:

  Most important Quite Important Less Important Not Important
Veggies caters for campaign events as well as commercial ones
Veggies is a co-operative and welcomes volunteers support
Veggies is strongly rooted in the local community
Veggies policies are guided by Ethical Consumer Research
Veggies gives practical support to many campaigns
Veggies food is suitable for everyone
Veggies is small, independent and non-corporate
Veggies makes the links between many issues of concern for humans, animals and the environment

* 3. Rate order of importance these attributes of our service:

  Very Important Quite Important Less Important Not Important
Fair prices
Accessible ('normal') foods
Always vegan
Yummy food
Minimal packaging / maximum recycling
Wholefood ingredients
Local food sourcing
Menu variety
Foods produced on site where practical
Vegan-Organic where possible
Fair Trade where possible

* 4. Is there anything we could be doing (or not doing) to be greener or more ethical?

* 5. How far should Veggies travel to cater for an event?

What factors should most affect this (tick up to 3)?

* 6. I guess I eat at Veggies this often:

* 7. Can you remember your FIRST experience of Veggies?

When was the LATEST occasion that you enjoyed 'Food By Veggies'?

When do you NEXT hope to meet up with us?

* 8. "We Love Veggies" because ... !

* 9. I would describe my current dietary status as:

* 10. Anything else you would like to tell us?

- Due to our busy-ness we might not be able to discuss your responses further - however any email address supplied would not be used for any other purpose.

- You can tell us who you are if you like, to save our hassling you again to fill out the survey!!