* 1. Please fill out the contact info below so we can reach you.

* 2. Products you expect to provide:

* 3. Foods you are interested in supplying to the DFC (Please be thorough and include when you expect them to be ready for sale. If possible, please estimate the quantity per week you could reasonably expect to deliver. (ex: strawberries, 20 pts/wk – June; tomatoes, 100 lbs/wk – August; eggs, 10 dozen/wk – all year)

* 4. Do you have additional capacity for expansion, should more product be desired? Explain.

* 5. The Co-op will have standards for the way in which foods are grown and produced, preferring organic and more sustainably produced foods whenever possible. Certified Organic produce is not necessary.
Are you, or are you expecting to be, USDA Certified Organic? Do you have other certifications or training? If none, please describe your on-farm practices and ways in which they are sustainable.