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PCWIN and Motorola Solutions (MSI) are working to provide the most cost-effective path to replace equipment originally purchased in 2012. Motorola's Arizona State Contract CTR046830 has deeper discounts at quantities of 500 (30%), 2000 (35%), and 7000 (40%) units. For the smaller agencies to get the benefit of the deeper discounts, coordination between all the PCWIN agencies to procure replacement radios within a specific budget cycle or cycles will need to be considered. The purchases of Pima County and the City of Tucson with their larger quantities of radios will most likely determine when the quantity requirements will be met.

Motorola Solutions has financing options that may allow the agencies to coordinate their purchases within a specific budget cycle(s) and secure the higher discount level. MSI can finance a radio purchase up to 7 years, with payments in arrears beginning one year after the contract purchase.

For example, a small fire agency that relies on grants to purchase new radios could finance their radios for up to seven years. A municipality could defer the billing of a radio purchase for 1 year to capture the discounts and fit the purchase into its budget cycle. MSI can also delay the shipment of radios. For example, to capture the discounts MSI can accept an order in December and ship the radios in July in the next budget cycle. The answers to the following survey will help PCWIN and MSI put a plan together that accommodates the various agencies budget plans.

Lastly, as this project will determine the features and performance of the radios for most likely the next 10-15 years, PCWIN and MSI want all agencies to be aware of the new applications MSI has available that integrate with the new APX radios. A brief description and video explaining the options are available later in this survey.

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