NHA Conservation Guidebook - Survey Purpose

This survey is designed to collect information about your knowledge and use of Natural Heritage Areas, the PA Natural Heritage Program's primary conservation planning resource for species of concern and their habitats. For more than 25 years, information on species of concern have been collected through County Natural Heritage Inventories(http://www.naturalheritage.state.pa.us/CNHI.aspx). This information is publicly available in the form of more than 3,700 Natural Heritage Areas, representing Core Habitats and Supporting Landscapes across Pennsylvania.

Please take a few moments to answer these questions to better inform us as to how you or your organization interact with Natural Heritage Areas. We will use survey responses to advise our development of a Conservation Guidebook for the application of Natural Heritage Areas information to conservation efforts.

Thank you for your time and input!

* 1. Please rate your knowledge level and understanding of the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program, its mission, and function.

* 2. Please rate how well you know how to access Natural Heritage Areas information and data.

* 3. How often do you use Natural Heritage Areas information?

* 4. What are the primary ways that you have used Natural Heritage Areas information? (Select all that apply.)

* 5. If you do use Natural Heritage Areas information, please comment on your perception of its accuracy, reliability and ease of use. Please note any recommendations for improving usability through the development of the NHA Conservation Guidebook.

* 6. How do you access PA Natural Heritage Program information?

* 9. What is your role in using PA Natural Heritage Program information?

* 10. If we may contact you with follow-up questions or additional feedback, please list your name, email and contact phone number. This information will not be distributed and will not be used beyond this project.