We are consulting on proposals to change parking PCN tariffs in Barnet from Band B to Band A. We believe that by introducing Band A PCNs in Barnet, this will bean effective deterrent and will reduce the number of incidences of inconsiderate parking. 

Please note: There will be no change to PCNs issued for moving traffic contraventions which are already at the higher tariff.  You can find out more information on what a moving traffic contravention is and how these are enforced on our website here.

 Please refer to  the table below for a comparison of Band A and Band B.

 PCN Band Level  Higher (Discount)  Lower (Discount)
 A (proposed)
 £130 (£65) £80 (£40)
 B (current)  £110 (£55)
 £60 (£30)

For more information on our  proposal please take the time to read our FAQ document and then complete this short questionnaire. It should only take about 5 minutes of your time.
Thank you for your time – your participation  is greatly appreciated. 

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