Keeping it Raw!

Carolambda 2020 Recovery Weekend

We will be having a live virtual “Variety Show” on Zoom on Saturday Night Oct 24th, 2020. We debated to have pre-recorded vs live acts, and in the spirit of Carolambda @ Gravatt, we decided to keep it raw (aka Live), like Carolambda itself usually is… Thus the theme “keeping it raw”.

However, we need your help to get this started! We need submissions to make these Variety Shows a success!

We’re looking for everything under the sun, within limits of course. This can include skits, scenes, dances, or other performances such as original short plays (3-4 minutes), monologues, musical performances, spoken word, poetry, book-readings, puppet shows, dances, or burlesque performances in unconventional settings. If you have a special skill (juggling, plate spinning, playing the nose flute…), SHOW IT OFF!  

If you want to submit something (maximum of ~5 minutes) for the Variety Show, please fill out this form.
Please note, submission of an act doesn’t guarantee the act will be accepted. The committee will review all acts and make final selections soon.
Carolambda Variety Show Committee

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* 3. Name of your act

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* 6. Agreement & disclaimer. You must agree to not perform any actual sexual acts, politically divisive rants, violent materials, alcohol, or drug use. This is an event to spread love, compassion, joy, fellowship, humor, and goodwill.

Thank you for your submission! We will be in touch one the committee goes through the review process.
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