TOTY 2017

Question Title


Question Title

* 1. Please rank your top 5 favorite episode titles from 2017 (1 = favorite)

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Net Lootrality
A Confederacy of Bournes
Popular Music Man is Wrong
In a Salami Way
Jump Headfirst Into a Blender
We All Hope to Die Eminently
That's a Shame That That's Too Bad
A No-Trenchfoot Guarantee
My Violent Tendencies and Murderous Heart
Rockets, Which Are Exactly What They Sound Like
Just Like Pandas
An Endles Runner Called Life
Bread Printer
Prince Fleshswallow
Rapid Fire Buttons
That's Where the Grills Are
Dislocated Circulatory System
Axe-tra Large
Live Every Phase Like It's Blast Phase
Lean Times for Daddy
Consider the Roomba
Criming Things
Aww, Sad Story... Slurrrrp
He's Finally Grown Into His Face
Chibi 3D Boo-bii
Schodinger's Skin
When You Die in the Game You Die in the Game
Scrolls to Sexy
Move to the Mountains and Grow Your Own Corn
The Royal Dirtbag Ex
Hung With Care
Timmy Stories
As You Apparently Do
Jump Scare Fart
Maddy, Will You Marry Me?
Nip Those Dreams in the Bud
Cherry Blossoms Fall
Oxygen Bone
Something I'll Be Happy to Be Upset About
The Streets Were Paved With Children
Out the Toilet
I Made Six Quarts of Meal