CELA ECEC workforce survey 2020 

Share your thoughts to help us inform the government on what can be done to build and maintain the ECE workforce

The quality of our early childhood workforce makes a huge difference to the quality of program delivery – but we do not have up to date data across the country about who the workforce is, and what the pressure points are. That’s why we’re conducting this survey.

The workforce survey will provide CELA with up to date data on the workforce of CELA members and the wider sector – who you employ, their qualifications, and the challenges you have faced recruiting.

We will use this data to inform our policy work and advocacy, including to inform the government about the magnitude of workforce shortages within our membership and what can be done to build and maintain the early childhood workforce.

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* 2. What type of service do you provide?

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* 3. Where is your service located?

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* 5. How many children is your service approved for?