* 1. Which best describes your role?

* 2. How often have you been following the Nowcasting Report since its first release in April 2016?
(1= Weekly; 5 = Never)

* 3. How easy or difficult was it to find the current nowcast of GDP growth?
(1= Very easy; 5= Extremely difficult)

* 4. How easy or difficult was the website to use and understand on your first visit?
(1= Very easy; 5= Extremely difficult)

* 5. How would you characterize the amount of explanatory text on the site?
(1=  Too much; 5= Not enough)

* 6. How important to you is the availability of a PDF form of the Nowcasting Report in addition to the online interactive?
(1= Very important; 5= Not important at all)

* 7. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Nowcasting Report interactive. 
(1= Highly satisfied; 5= Highly dissatisfied)

* 8. Additional comments:

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