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We know girls have worked hard to earn fall product credits and cookie credits this year. While we have made the hard decision that we won't be holding in-person camp this summer girls will still be able to use their cookie and fall product credits.

We have several types of options for you to choose from.  You’ll see more information below, but here are the categories:

Use cookie credits to pay for virtual camp this year
Use cookie credits to pay for camp next year
Use cookie credits to get a free membership this year
Use cookie credits to pay for a friend to be a Girl Scout
Use cookie credits to pay for an adult membership in Girl Scouts
Donate cookie credits back to council to use to pay for programs for other girls
A combination of the above options
We also know that the cookie program isn't finalized and so you might not know exactly how many boxes of cookies your girl has sold this year. That's ok - we're here to help. Just let us know which options you'd like to utilize and we'll apply them in the order that gives you the most benefit!

We hope you’ll attend virtual Girl Scout camp this summer. You can see all our virtual camp programs and sign up here.  We will automatically apply credits to all camp registrations just like we have with past in-person camps. We'll take care of it all for you!

Regardless of however else you use credits this year, all left over credits will automatically roll over for use to pay for any council run program and next summer's camp programs (2021). Credits will expire on 9/30/2021. Again, you don't need to do anything for the rollover to happen. It's automatic.

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* 1. Whose credits are these responses about?  If you have more than one girl in your family please fill out a survey for each girl.

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* 2. You can pay for your girl's 2020-2021 Girl Scout membership!  You can use 150 boxes of cookie credits to purchase her membership.  If you've already purchased your girl's membership for next year and would like to use credits, we'd be happy to refund your payment and apply credits.

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* 3. You can pay for another girl's (or adult's) 2020-2021 membership!  In a normal year credits aren't transferable.  We're making an exception this year.  This is a great way to be a sister to another Girl Scouts AND to invite a friend who has never been a Girl Scout to join your troop.

You can do this for as many people as you'd like as long as you have the credits (150 boxes = a membership)

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* 4. You can purchase a virtual camp session(s) for a friend.  You aren't normally able to transfer your credits to another girl but again, we're making an exception this year. 

You can do this for as many girls as you would like as long as you have the credits (50 boxes of cookie credits = 1 virtual camp session.  A camp session includes 8-10 hours of live, recorded and downloadable activities)

More information about virtual camp will be released before June 1.

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* 5. You can donate some or all of your credits back to Girl Scouts of Alaska.  Donated credits will be used to provide program to other girls throughout the year.

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* 6. We're so grateful that you are part of the Girl Scout family! 

We know this is a time of uncertainty.  You can add to or change how your use credits until the below times:

For virtual camp: Until the start of your camp session(s)
For membership: Until your membership is processed
Donated credits: Until 9/30/2020

If you change your mind about how you'd like to use credits send us an email at or refill out this survey. 

We're here to support you.  Please let us know if you have any questions on fall product and cookie credit options (or any other topic).  We'll have one of our staff reach out to help.

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