* 1. Returned missionary background information

* 2. Indicate what areas you served in provided with the average number of members attending sacrament meeting on a weekly basis.

* 3. What do you believe were the greatest reasons for members no longer attending church? Rank the following from 1 = highest to 10 = lowest

* 4. What did member-missionary activity look like in your mission(s)? What was your experience working with members with missionary work?

* 5. In general, how many converts did your mission baptize a year?

* 6. What percent of converts would you estimate remained active one year after baptism in your mission?

* 7. Discuss how receptive the general population was to the LDS Church. What cultural factors facilitated or deterred growth?

* 8. Discuss what you believed to be the biggest barrier(s) for LDS Church growth in your mission(s).

* 9. When you served your mission, did your mission president(s) open any new cities to missionary work that previously had no missionaries assigned? Indicate which cities opened and what this process looked like.

* 10. Any other church growth developments or events on your mission that you would like to share?

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