The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is seeking information about the Pacific Coast Bike Route (PCBR) in northwest California.  We are conducting a survey of cyclists who have experience riding the PCBR.  You do not need to ride the entire route to participate in the survey.  This survey is being conducted using three methods:  onsite surveys for cyclists, in-person interviews and this online survey.

Improvements to the route can be challenging due to physical, environmental and financial constraints. However, the results from this survey can help guide Caltrans in improving our service to cyclists and help guide us when prioritizing improvements to the route in the future.  We welcome any and all comments you may have about the route and encourage you to fill out this online survey.  Thank you for taking time to tell us about your experience riding the PCBR.  

If traveling in a group, please fill out one survey per cyclist – we want to hear from each of you!
Additional comments or questions can be emailed to

Pacific Coast Bike Route Through Northwest California

<strong><span style="color: #008080; font-size: 24pt;">Pacific Coast Bike Route Through Northwest California</span></strong>

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* 14. What is your average daily budget per person during your trip?

* 16. What are the top 3 issues or locations that you would most like to see addressed?

* 17. Have you encountered any particularly difficult locations or incidents on your trip so far?  If so, where?  Please be specific:

* 18. Where did you get the information about the route you took?