Sermon Ideas


As part of my sermon planning, I'd like to have your input about the needs, struggles and potential areas for growth in your life and the lives of your friends and neighbors. As I am planning my sermon schedule, I will prayerfully bring your input together with God's word in consideration of how God continues to speak today.

Note: You are not obligated to reply to all questions. Any input you provide will remain confidential.

* 1. Where have you or a friend been struggling spiritually/theologically? What issues or questions might be helpful if addressed in a sermon?

* 2. In what aspects of Christian life do you or a friend need help?

* 3. What sections/stories of the Bible would you like to learn more about?

* 4. What personal or societal issues would you or your friends like us to consider in the light of the scriptures?

* 5. What sermon topics or subjects would encourage you to invite your non-Christian friends to church to hear?

* 6. Do you have prayer concerns? What has God laid upon your heart about a friend or family member? Our church? Our city/state/nation?