This information is private & confidential
Please answer each question completely and as honestly as possible.
The associate program is for stylists that have recently graduated or one year of working experience.

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* 1. Please answer the following questions:

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* 2. You need to know where you are starting at to get to where you want to go. Answer the following as best as you can.

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* 3. SELF ASSESSMENT- Please rate your Skill Level in each of these areas from 1-5 (5 being highest and the best)

  1 2 3 4 5
Communication Skills (able to effectively communicate your feelings, concerns and upsets)
Ability to connect with others and create long-term relationships
Time management
Organizational skills
Attention to details (getting it done right the first time)
Positive attitude
Loyalty to team and company
Passion & enthusiasm
Selling skills
Customer service skills (making clients the top priority)
Ongoing education and personal development
Professional demeanor
Follow through
Taking pride in how you look professionally
Personal hygiene
Self-motivated and pro-active
Team player (WIT: Whatever it takes)
Lead a balanced life
Respected by others
Inspiring and uplifting to be around
Financially responsible and stable
Reliable, trustworthy, and accountable
Keeping workspace clean and organized
Reliable transportation
Patient and compassionate
Good sense of humour
Being on time
Coachable (Ability to hear and accept constructive feedback and make necessary changes)
Organizing your day based on priorities & proceeding in order of importance
Honour  your time commitments (complete tasks in a timely and efficient manner)
Phone skills
Computer skills