* 1. Where do you go to get information about services and account types that HFBCU has to offer? (Select the top two that apply)

* 2. What is the most valuable account type that you use?

* 3. If you do not have a checking at HFBCU, please indicate the reason that has prevented this...

* 4. If HFBCU is not your primary financial institution (where you do most of your banking), let us know what we can do to earn your business:

* 5. HFBCU recently merged with IKIBEW FCU. Since the merge please provide us feedback and let us know how we earned your membership:

* 6. When thinking about fees, how would you rate HFBCU's fee prices compared to other financial institutions?

* 7. Do youlike the HFBCU website, www.hfbcu.com?

* 8. You can access your account at nationwide Service Center locations and outlets. What are your thoughts about these locations?

* 9. When thinking about the account types (like checking & savings), account services (like debit cards & electronic statements), and other services (like gift cards) what would you like to see change or improve at HFBCU?

* 10. Optional: For resonding to this survey you may be entered into a drawing for a $25 gas card. If interested please provide your First Name, Last Name, and email address. Responses to previous questions are seperate from the information you provide below. Thank you!

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