About this opportunity:
LELAN is bringing a Humans of New York-like event to the streets of Adelaide by hosting a Laneway of Lived Experience - an interactive art display showcasing the lived experience community's navigation of COVID and other uncertain times. 

As an organisation, LELAN is committed to amplifying the voices and giving a face to people who aren't always heard and recognised by the general public. We want to showcase courage, resilience and recovery perspectives that people experienced as they navigated uncertain and turbulent times. Whether this was your experience through COVID, life disruption or social injustice, we want to hear from you and showcase your story. 

We are inviting people with lived experience of distress, mental health issues and/or psychosocial disability to participate in our interactive art exhibition. Expressions of Interest close March 25 2021 and people will be notified by March 30 2021 about next steps. 
How people with lived/living experience can get involved:

We are seeking 11 people with lived experience to be involved in this opportunity. 
Participants will engage in some pre-work and two 1-hour Zoom conversations. They will be remunerated at a rate of $30/hr. 

About the pre-work and conversations: 

Across April to May 2021, pre-work will be sent to all 11 participants, including a conversation guides and information about the project. This pre-work will enable participants to start thinking about experiences, ideas and themes they want to showcase at the interactive art exhibition. 

In the initial conversation, our Peer Project Worker will have a conversation with you about your responses to the pre-work. Together, we will explore what you want to share to the general public, craft this story of your experience and brainstorm how you want your story to be portrayed in a laneway in Adelaide. Options include (but are not limited to) having a portrait taken; submitting poetry or writing, art or drawings, or photographs you've taken yourself. These conversations will take place from 6 April to 13 April 2021. 

In the follow up session, our Peer Project Worker will tie up loose ends, finalise your story, the visual format and the caption that will be used to showcase your story. These follow up sessions will take place from 26 April to 3 May 2021. 

If this opportunity speaks to you, we invite you to respond to the questions below. 
Further enquiries can be made by e-mailing Sam at sam@lelan.org.au.

Please note that your responses below are used by LELAN to increase our understanding of who is engaging with our projects and work. As an organisation we are committed to including diverse perspectives and ensuring that various identities and experiences that people bring to the lived experience community are recognised. We will not disclose personal and/or identifying information about a person without their consent or in a way that they do not agree with. 

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* 5. Why do you want to be involved in this opportunity?

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* 6. What is the one experience or story you want to showcase? Why?

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* 7. Why do you think it is important to bridge the gap between the lived/living experience community and the general public?

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* 8. If you could suggest one radical or innovative idea on how to bridge the gap between the lived/living experience community and the general public, what would it be?

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* 9. Thank you for taking the time to complete these questions and your commitment to using your lived experience for change. You will be notified of next steps no later than March 30 2021. 

If you have any further comments or questions please provide them in the box below.