Affirmation of Informed Consent

* 1. Dear Student,
This end-of-class survey is designed to gather information on your perceptions of the
scenario based learning experience provided in this class.
Your college is participating in a grant from the National Science Foundation to study
ways to improve post-secondary technical programs. A number of students in
community colleges and universities are enrolled in courses that are participating in this
As part of the evaluation process for this grant, an external evaluator is gathering data
from students both before and after they have taken this course.
You are not being singled out by being asked to participate in this data gathering.
Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary. There is no penalty for not
participating. You may decline to participate now or at any time during the survey.
Your responses will be confidential and held by the external evaluator. You will not be
identified in any way. Only summary data will be presented to the schools participating
in this grant.