Please take a moment to complete the survey below.

1. Current Grade:

2. Gender:

3. What team level did you play on?

4. What sport did you just complete?

5. Thinking about the athletic program you just completed, rate the following statements: (1 being "Strongly Disagree", 4 being "Strongly Agree"). The (coach) or coaching staff....

  1 2 3 4
Initially communicated their behavioral expectations
Continually communicated their behavioral expectations
Initially communicated their academic expectations
Continually communicated their academic expectations
Provided consistent academic support
Initially communicated their athletic performance expectations.
Continually communicated their athletic expectations.
Is a unified group of coaches working together toward reaching a common goal.
Encouraged me to participate in other sports.
Had an introductory meeting with my parent/guardian(s)
Continually communicated with my parent/guardian as needed during the season

6. Thinking about yourself and your teammates: Rate the following: (1 being "Strongly Disagree", 4 being "Strongly Agree")

  1 2 3 4
I have felt bullied by other members of the team.
I have felt bullied by members of the coaching staff.
I was treated fairly by the coaching staff
Team bonding was promoted by the coaching staff
Our team had great team chemistry.
I respect my coaches.
I felt that the coaches respected me.
My teammates respected the coaches.
I enjoyed my experience this past season.

7. Thinking about the trainer / training room: Rate the following: (1 being "Strongly Disagree", 4 being "Strongly Agree")

  1 2 3 4 NA
The trainer exercised good judgement and demonstrated knowledge in sports medicine
The trainer was tactful, courteous, respectful and professional
The training room was clean and organized
Due to an injury, I requiried training room services. My safety and health was taken into account before I was cleared to return to the activity.

8. Was there anything during the sports season you just completed that you think the school should be aware of?

9. Please share the best experience you had during the sport season you just completed.

10. Do you have any additional comments?

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