* 1. The Smith's Falls Flying Club is conducting a survey to determine the level of interest in T-Hangars at CYSH. Please indicate your level of interest in a hangar below:

  Somewhat interested but I don't have a real need Interested and I'm actively looking around at options Very interested. If they were available now, I'd move in.

* 2. What type of occupancy are you interested in?

  Not interested at all Would consider it This is my preferred option
Rent to Own

* 3. If you prefer renting a hangar, what length of lease would you be willing to accept?

* 4. Please rate the importance of the following features:

  Not important Somewhat important Very important
Hangar door
The hangar door is powered, not manual
Water (common hose bibb to all)
Water (individual service)
Snow removal & grass cutting provided
Additional storage space

* 5. With the features that you've selected, and assuming that you're interested in renting, how much would you be willing to pay per month?

* 6. What size of aircraft should the hangar accommodate? Select any\all aircraft types that interest you.

* 7. Roughly, how many kilometers from the Smith's Falls airport do you live?