Gospel Class Student Feedback Form

* 1. Please consider each of the following statements and state your agreement.

  strongly disagree somewhat disagree neither agree or disagree somewhat agree strongly agree
Registration was easy and accessible.
I had all the information I needed to successfully get to class.
My coach was helpful, supportive, and encouraging.
My coach reached out to me each week of class.
The spiritual and practical expectations were clearly communicated.
My coach was available.
This class is affordable.
I felt welcome.
I enjoyed my serving experience.
My expectations for childcare were met.
The class materials were helpful.
The teachers kept my attention.
The course material made a significant impact on how I live my life.
I would likely recommend this class to a friend or family member.

* 2. Name 3 things that challenged you:

* 3. Name 3 things that you learned:

* 4. In your opinion, what are the greatest strengths of this class?

* 5. What improvements would make this class more effective?

* 6. How many times did you serve?

* 8. Do you plan to continue serving in this way?