The City of San Jose would like YOUR input on the recruitment and selection of our new Director of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement. Input is welcome from our neighborhood advocates, development stakeholders, City employees, and anyone else who has an interest in San Jose’s growth and development.

  Please answer any questions that are applicable. The information collected through this survey will help to inform the process and evaluation of potential candidates.

* 1. Choose which group you belong to:

* 2. What important challenges or opportunities should the new PBCE Director be prepared to address their first year on the job?

* 3. What experience, skills, and characteristics should the new Director have in order to effectively lead the Department?

* 4. What background, knowledge, and leadership style would help the new PBCE Director be an effective partner for the community and development stakeholders?

* 5. What will the City and  stakeholders need to do to support the success of the new Director?

* 6. In thinking about the Department’s culture, structure, and organizational improvement efforts, what should be strengthened and sustained? What should be re-examined?

* 7. What would you say to potential candidates as reasons they should consider leading PBCE at this point in time?

* 8. Is there anything else you would like the City to know or consider for this recruitment that is not captured in the above questions?