The Pennsylvania Cooperative Census is being conducted by the Keystone Development Center (KDC). We intend to update the public-facing directory of the cooperative economy in Pennsylvania. Please make your voice heard and join us in assessing and promoting the positive impact that cooperatives have on Pennsylvania’s communities!

Additionally, this survey will assess the needs of Pennsylvania cooperative businesses with a particular focus on human resource services. We hope to better understand how you are currently meeting your HR needs and where the gaps are.

Our goal is to respond to the growing concerns of cooperatives and other small businesses, who are straining to provide HR services on their own. The following questions will help to examine your needs, interests, and the economic feasibility of a shared services human resources cooperative to provide comprehensive HR services to member organizations and companies.
Please provide your feedback by completing this 10 minute survey. Your answers are confidential, and your responses will be shared only in aggregate with others. Thank you for participating. Your feedback is important.

For questions about this survey, contact Casey Mengel at casey@kdc.coop  or 717-792-2163 or visit our website at www.kdc.coop

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* 1. What is the name of your cooperative?

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* 2. In a few words, please describe your cooperative business. For example a food cooperative response might be "we are a retail food cooperative."

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* 3. Is your cooperative currently operating in the state of Pennsylvania?

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* 5. What is your cooperative's website address?