Consumer Satisfaction Survey - Public Assistance

We are trying to improve the way we deliver our services. We cannot change the laws and policies that direct our program; however, we can make changes so your contact with our office is effective, efficient and positive.

This survey is confidential. The answers you give to the questions below are anonymous and will not be shared with the staff at our office in a way that would identify you.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What is your race? Mark one or more.

* 3. Who helped you with your benefits?

* 4. Did your worker treat you with dignity and respect?

* 5. Have you been informed of your rights and your responsibilities regarding our programs?

* 6. Was the process to receive and/or keep your benefits explained to you?

* 7. Were all of your questions answered and/or addressed?

* 8. Are your phone calls and emails responded to within 10 business days?

* 9. Type of interview:

* 10. Did your interview meet your needs?

* 11. Do you have additional comments to help explain your answers?

Thank you very much!!! Your thoughts and opinions matter!