About the SEPWG

Thank you for your interest in joining the CanWaCH Stakeholder Engagement and Policy Working Group (formerly the Stakeholder Engagement Working Group). Members of the SEPWG are responsible to:

- Participate on SEPWG calls on a regular basis. Calls are held monthly and last 1 hour;
-Translate partner-generated evidence and experience on strategic priorities, resource allocation and reporting requirements into policy recommendations to the Government of Canada and other priority international forums;
- Provide thought leadership, review, expertise and advise on the political strategy and tactics for CanWaCH engagement in key Canadian and International opportunities to advance women, adolescent and children’s health;
- Represent the Partnership and their own organization at events and in meetings with external stakeholders.


All organizations who are members of CanWaCH are eligible to nominate staff to participate in the SEPWG.  Given that the mandate of the SEPWG is to translate partner evidence of best practice into policy recommendations and to advise on strategies for engaging stakeholders in policy discussions related to RMNCAH, interested potential members will be evaluated based on their experience in the following areas:

1. Policy development or external relations.

2. Effective engagement in discussions regarding women, adolescent and children’s health issues in developing countries and/or fragile contexts from a policy perspective.

3. Knowledge of the programming experience of their organization in women, adolescent and children’s health.

4. Active participation in international networks addressing women, adolescent and children’s health issues (considered a strong asset).


Membership in the SEPWG will last 3 years.  Membership is linked to the CanWaCH member organization and not the individual. Thus in the event of a departing individual, the organization may delegate its spot on the SEPWG to another appropriate individual from the organization.

Selection Process.

Selection of new members will be made by the SEPWG and the CanWaCH Secretariat.

Each application will be reviewed and scored based on their demonstrated skills in the desired areas. Consideration will also be given to ensuring the group has diversity of representation (size and geography; NGO, Researcher and Professional Association).