How to Become a Member

The AdvanceKentucky Partner Program offers voluntary membership for schools graduating from the formal grant agreement with AdvanceKentucky. Schools that wish to become Partners need to enter into a brief Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with AdvanceKY/KSTC. The MOU process is initiated by completing the brief form below -- one per school.

No Membership Fee. There are NO costs associated with entering into the MOU, which entitles you to priority fee structures to access AdvanceKentucky programs and services. The MOU will further serve to protect confidentiality in the exchange of student data.

Fee for Services. Any costs are incurred later ONLY when a Partner School registers or contracts for an AdvanceKentucky training events (such as Fall Forum) and services (such as student study sessions).

Longitudinal Research. Partners are not required to use any of the AdvanceKY services but a Partner MOU still is required if the school wishes to include its student enrollments and AP scores in AdvanceKentucky longitudinal research; we invite all graduating schools to continue including their data going forward.

Notifications. We welcome and highly encourage continued membership at any level, even if you just want to receive our notices of events throughout the year. For example if you decide later to send teachers to the Fall Forum, you will have access to the Partner rate schedule already in place.