* 1. Do you have a better understanding of SUDEP and epilepsy morality as a result of this conference?

* 2. Please rate your agreement with the following statements:

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly agree
The time, location worked well
The program and topics were very informative
The presenters were engaging and interesting
The mixed audience format of clinicians, researchers, families and advocates was a valuable experience
The number of sessions was good.
The sessions were the right length
The level of the presentations was not too high or too low for me
There was adequate time for interaction with others
The breakout discussion sessions were helpful
The program taught me how to engage with epilepsy mortality programs and organizations
The meeting allowed me to build and foster relationships and/or partnerships

* 3. Please rate the importance of the following meeting components:

  Not at all important Slightly important Moderately important Very important Extremely important
Connecting with bereaved families.
Connecting with people living with epilepsy.
Connecting with clinicians.
Connecting with researchers.
Learning about the latest research in epilepsy mortality.
Learning about the latest programs and organizations working to prevent epilepsy mortality.
Participating in advocacy efforts.

* 4. Should there be another PAME conference?

* 5. If yes, when should the next meeting be held?

* 6. Will you attend another PAME conference?

* 7. What factor would be your biggest challenge to attend?

* 8. Please share any additional comments or suggested topics for the next conference.

* 9. Which best describes your involvement in the epilepsy community? (Check all that apply)